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Eat Healthy on the Quick by rachel margaritis | JULY 8, 2016 You faithfully log 30 minutes of exercise five days a week, but your on-the-go lifestyle isn’t helping you achieve your six-pack goals. A quick healthy meal can be hard to come by—outside of your neighborhood deli if you know what to order. [continue reading full article […]

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The Benefits of Fresh Protein Shakes to Your Workout Routine

Once only consumed by professional boxers and bodybuilders, protein shakes are now popular with office workers on the go and soccer moms after a spinning class workout. While old school protein shakes were once gritty concoctions that were tasteless and unappealing to most, today they have transformed into designer drinks with fancy ingredients like agave, […]

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Freshark smoothie

Craving a Smoothie? Four Delicious, Healthy Liquid Base Options

At the beginning of the year, you most likely pledged to start eating healthier. To this point, you’ve enthusiastically kept this important promise to yourself after emptying your pantry of processed treats like cookies, candy bars and pastries. Unfortunately, you probably still yearn for something decidedly sweet. One indulgence we suggest to help you satisfy […]

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bizzarre juicing recipies

Bizarre juicing recipes

Sometimes the most bizarre and unexpected food combinations turn out to be some of the best tasting concoctions that are incredibly good for you. Below you can find some of our favorite creative juicing recipes and if you’re brave enough, give them a try. Charcoal Lemonade Lemons are great for your health, because of their low sugar content and […]

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fresh food

Hungry? Five Trendy Superfoods to Savor in 2016

Losing weight often tops the list of people’s New Year’s Day resolutions. To accomplish the monumental task of trimming their waistlines, many people vow to eat healthier at the beginning of every year. For the diet conscious person, superfoods are becomingly increasingly popular. If you desire to lose weight, or simply want to improve your […]

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