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4 reasons to invest in a health food franchise program

As the public becomes increasingly health conscious, many of the fastest-growing Quick Service Resturant or QSR businesses are beginning to incorporate healthy food menu options. These organizations recognize the fact that people in the modern world have an ongoing need for quick service, yet they want food that will help them stay trim and in good […]

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fresh pressed juices

there’s a juice for that! why fresh drinks are a QSR hit

Juicing is one of the hottest trends in food right now. Take a look at any random 2015 Christmas Wish List and you’ll probably find a juicer right near the top. It seems like juicing is everywhere: talk shows are talking about it, celebrities are photographed holding fresh drinks, and doctors across the country are encouraging everyone […]

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why people are searching for healthy faster food

Healthy quick-service restaurants provide an amazing opportunity for franchisees. Two strong trends have converged — the blossoming interest in healthy eating and the continued need for fast meals that fit into busy lives.  The result is people lining up, sometimes spilling out the door and down the block, at restaurants that focus on filling these two needs […]

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Fresh fruits freshark

eight quick tips for healthier cooking at home

The right foods truly make it possible for people to experience longer, more enjoyable lives. Follow these tips to prepare healthier meals at home: 1. Avoiding frying your food. Healthy cooking methods include braising, baking, grilling, steaming and poaching. These techniques let you cook flavorful meals without adding extra fats. This often makes pans and […]

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sustainable packaging in the restaurant business

Awareness about the impact of different materials on the environment results in new trends and ideas. Consequently, Sustainability in the restaurant business has shifted to sustainable packaging and using environmentally- friendly containers. As restaurants strive to limit waste and improve sustainability, many are turning to compostable and recyclable take-out containers or food storage options. Growing […]

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Debunking 5 Nutrition Myths

Eating a healthy diet requires the right combination of foods. Unfortunately, confusion about healthy food choices arise from myths and misunderstandings about nutrition. By taking time to clarify the myths, an individual has the tools to enjoy a better diet plan. Myth: Eggs Cause High Cholesterol Although eggs have a high amount of cholesterol in […]

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why restaurants are turning to all-natural meats

People are becoming more aware of the health and taste benefits of all-natural meat. Smart restaurant owners are meeting this demand by using healthy all-natural meat in their dishes to attract new customers and retain existing ones. The Dangers of Antibiotics in Meat When too many antibiotics are in the environment, bacteria become resistant. They mutate […]

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