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Hungry? Five Trendy Superfoods to Savor in 2016

Losing weight often tops the list of people’s New Year’s Day resolutions. To accomplish the monumental task of trimming their waistlines, many people vow to eat healthier at the beginning of every year. For the diet conscious person, superfoods are becomingly increasingly popular. If you desire to lose weight, or simply want to improve your eating habits, consider savoring the following five trendy superfoods in 2016.


In 2015, kale reigned supreme. This dark, leafy vegetable will still be a popular choice in 2016. However, some of its star power might gravitate toward its hybrid, kalettes. Kalettes are a cross between kale and Brussels sprouts. This compact, cute vegetable is one your whole family will enjoy. Like plain kale, kalettes are loaded with health enhancing vitamin K and vitamin C. If you need an easy, trendy side dish for 2016, sauté kalettes in olive oil and season them with salt and pepper. For a healthy, satisfying dinner, pair this side dish with one of your favorite all-natural meats.


Kefir is a fermented, milk product that you will likely hear a lot more about in 2016. This superfood contains probiotic qualities that can benefit your digestive system by increasing the amount of good bacteria in your stomach. Because the consistency of kefir falls somewhere in the middle of milk and yogurt, it is a wonderful smoothie ingredient. For a tantalizing, breakfast smoothie, combine and blend:

  • One cup of kefir
  • One cup of frozen strawberries
  • One banana


In 2015, quinoa was king of the ancient grains. As its newness wears off, other acceptable substitutes, such as amaranth, will likely increase in popularity. Little time is needed to cook this grain, so it should become a staple in every time-starved chef’s kitchen. Like quinoa, it is loaded with health benefiting protein, fiber, B vitamins and minerals.

In addition to juicing, you might enjoy preparing a hot bowl of cereal in the mornings. If you need something hot to jumpstart your day, consider substituting gluten-free, rolled oats with amaranth. Stir in some raisins, cinnamon and walnuts for a breakfast of champions.



Banana Flour

Gluten-free flours will continue to be the rage in 2016. Banana flour is an option made from green bananas. This gluten-free powder contains a high concentration of resistant starch, which isn’t absorbed by your body as easily as others. Therefore, this type of starch releases less sugar into your blood than refined starches like white flour. For delightful pancakes, swap your white flour for banana flour.

Black Rice

If you’re interested in a superfood alternative to brown rice, try your hand at cooking with black rice. This decidedly dark starch is calorie and sugar friendly. Black rice also boasts large quantities of fiber and antioxidants. Its nutty flavor and tender texture make black rice a great option to eat alongside your favorite stir-fry vegetables and all natural meats.

Regardless of your personal preferences, superfoods all have something in common — they are packed with health boosting vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. If you’re ready to jump on the trendy superfood bandwagon in 2016, stock up on the aforementioned five foods during your next trip to the grocery store.