freshark is a new kind of health food restaurant — the kind with great tasting freshfood you want to sink your teeth into. freshark is for trendsetters whose informed lifestyle includes eating healthy every day. whether you’re a health nut or gym rat, vegan or carnivore, or have a specific dietary requirement (high protein or low carb diet; gluten or lactose intolerance), freshark provides plenty of choice with its delicious, inventive menu selections. Plus our franchise opportunities provide great value to enterprising individuals.

“i became a vegan a few months ago…freshark has now become my go-to-place for almost everything.  i love their vegan choices – citisearch”

no wonder many freshark customers come back two, three, even five times a day.


why? because the food at freshark is nutritious and delicious. we use the best ingredients available at the moment — ingredients at their absolute peak of flavor. then, we created delicious recipes with simple cooking methods — like grilling. it intensifies the flavor and adds a subtle, smoky richness to veggie, fish and meat dishes. not to mention, the fat sizzles on the grill.

and steaming, which expands flavors to their fullest. there are no microwaves at freshark — just a huge variety of freshly steamed menu items.

there’s another important element of freshark’s new approach to healthy food: flavor. we’ve created lively seasoning and spice combinations, tasty sauces and rich marinades. our dressings are made with our fruits from the juice bar.  our customers consistently tell us that our mouth-watering recipes aren’t what they expect from a “health food restaurant” or a “health food franchise.”

“i had the thai wrap and i have to say that was one of the best if not the best wrap i have had.the portion was generous and the price even better.”

our portions are generous, prices reasonable, and our kids menu offers delicious choices that venture outside the nugget box.

“all the food is very healthy, but there is no compromise on taste”

come and get it

ready for breakfast?  our wraps, omelets and breakfast sandwiches start with egg whites, and include tasty ingredients like high-protein/low-fat turkey bacon. you’ll never miss the calories and cholesterol of egg yolks, or the fat of pork bacon when you bite into the freshark cowboy wrap — egg whites, tasty turkey bacon topped with shredded cheddar. or dig into our sweet potato power cakes: a vitamin packed sweet potato pancakes stacked up with whipped egg whites & turkey bacon and served with agave syrup. meat eaters love the juicy, marinated, lean certified steak burger
hercules wrap – egg whites, certified steak burger, part-skim mozzarella & tomato

something on the side


for a light meal or snack, scoop up our detox savory soups — like thick, rich lentil or seasonal vegetable soup with locally sourced vegetables, made with little-to-no sodium. break open a steaming baked sweet potato that melts in your mouth, or go global with the international flavors of organic quinoa, heady brown rice, grilled fajitas, or crunchy chips with mucho-gusto guacamole.

snack on berry fresh chilled oatmeal, fresh baked mini loafs with cinnamon raisons & veggies, freshest fruit salad or creamy low-fatgreek yogurt with granola and berries. we even have our very ownacai sorbet sandwich made with peanut butter, acai and raw cocoa brownie . . . wow!


salad days


who knew salad could be comfort food? freshark’s salads are big bowls of heaven. up-to-the-minute fresh fruit and veggies with snap and crunch, low-fat/high flavor dressings like down home fresh pressed macintosh balsamic reduction, fruity aromatic pear or berry balsamic glaze, zingy roasted pepper balsamic vinaigrette or greek yogurt inspired dressing with zesty garlic & lemons the freshark salad menu offers the freshest take on innovative and nutritiously packed salads like the berry antioxidant and citrus caesar, as well as our own unique creations using fruit dressings from our juice bar.

for a bright sunny combo, try grilled pear salad — golden slices of grilled chicken breast combined with locally sourced baby greens, crunchy almonds, creamy-grilled pear, ripe tomatoes, the euphoric flavor of apricots, sweet/tart sundried blueberries, a bright splash of pear infused balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

every forkful is different in the freshark berry antioxidant salad — a wild combination of amazing ingredients like cherries, cashews, cranberries, cocoa croutons, coconut flakes, and our very own light berry balsamic glaze dressing.

check out the freshark salad menu for all of the options and variations — keep it veggie and add an organic quinoa veggie burger, or add juicy grilled chicken, firm and fresh salmon, grilled portabella mushrooms, or certified steak burger, all with your choice of fruit infused dressings made from our juice bar.


get bowled over

here’s a great food concept: wrap/rice bowl combos — quality ingredients rolled into whole wheat wraps, or served over a mound of steaming brown rice. freshark offers almost a dozen combinations, like spicy thai wrap — grilled peppers, baby greens, grilled onions, and a zippy peanut siracha sauce; garden wrap — silky roasted red peppers, avocado, baby kale & arugula blend, grilled spanish onions, with the totally unexpected but perfect accent of roasted pepper balsamic dressing; or tex-mex wrap, juicy grilled chicken with chipotle lime bbq sauce, 3-bean medley, fresh pico de gallo and shredded cheddar. or keep it light with a bella wrap —  grilled chicken or portabella mushroom, part-skim mozzarella, tomatoes, roasted red peppers and creamy balsamic glaze in a toasted wrap.

some like it hot

download (1)freshark has a great selection of better for you burgers — like a lean and mean certified steak burger; organic quinoa vegetable burger on multi-grain buns; and our fresh, full-flavored grilled salmon with lettuce, tomato & onions.

for dinner or a splurge at lunch, freshark offers fantastic entrees served with clean side dishes. like chinese food? not crazy about the fat, sodium and msg? then you’ll love our wildly popular ginger teriyaki sauce with grilled chicken; have it with steamed broccoli & long grain brown rice or marinated grilled fajita vegetables & mouthwatering baked sweet potato.

or pick a grilled entree with the taste of summer, like grillednorwegian salmon with steamed veggies and brown rice, or 3- bean medley & chips with guacamole.

by the way, freshark has the perfect vegan options: a mound of steamed vegetables, brown rice, red organic quinoa and sweet potato.

juices & smoothies


freshark juice bar & grill uses only fruits and vegetables that are at the peak of freshness. our juices and smoothies are made to order right on the spot with whole fruits and veggies — no sugar, no preservatives.

boost your favorite drink with vitamin-c, wheat grass, whey protein, chia seeds, flax seeds, even cayenne pepper. you can customize your order to add extra nutrients, or enjoy the healthy, flavorful combos we’ve created. like fresharks’s immune booster juice — a simple, perfect blend of sweet orange and carrot that pops with a blast of fresh ginger; the rejuvenator — a complex yet balanced fruit and vegetable blend of apple, lemon, carrot, beet, and ginger; the wildly popular, refreshingly fruity summer days — watermelon, apple and lemon.

freshark smoothies are made with real fruits, juices, low fat greek yogurt or skim, almond or coconut milk, and explode with flavor. try a taste of the tropics with funky monkey — mango, banana, greek yogurt, peach and coconut milk; the fruit burst of purple twister — strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, banana, agave and skim milk; or acai detox — a blend of acai berries, strawberries, blueberries, and apple juice.

we also offer great tasting, perfectly balanced pre & post workout shakes and meal replacements including our own formula 40™,  shockwave™ and revamp™.

At our health food restaurant, with expanding franchise opportunities, order from our taste-tested, well-balanced drink blends, or create your own.