why restaurants are turning to all-natural meats

People are becoming more aware of the health and taste benefits of all-natural meat. Smart restaurant owners are meeting this demand by using healthy all-natural meat in their dishes to attract new customers and retain existing ones.

The Dangers of Antibiotics in Meat

When too many antibiotics are in the environment, bacteria become resistant. They mutate into “superbugs” that can be no longer be killed by the antibiotics available today, so when people get sick from bacterial infections, there may no longer be an effective antibiotic available as a cure.

Part of the problem stems from doctors prescribing antibiotics for their patients when they aren’t really needed. But most of the problem — as much as 80 percent — is caused by factory farms feeding antibiotics to livestock to increase their growth rate and to treat diseases caused by cows, chickens, and other animals living in unhealthy and overcrowded conditions.

Consumer Reports found that the majority of people it surveyed were “extremely concerned” or “very concerned” about antibiotics being fed to livestock. These people cared about both the health and environmental effects of antibiotics. More than 60 percent said they were willing to pay extra for antibiotic-free meat. A very large majority — 90 percent of the women and 82 percent of the men — said they wanted antibiotic-free meat and poultry to be available in their local stores.

Hormones in Food

Just as antibiotics are given to livestock to increase growth rates, hormones are also used for the same purpose. Sex hormones, growth hormones, and steroids are commonly injected into cattle raised on factory farms. People are understandably worried about the effects of eating meat that comes from animals that were injected with hormones. The practice is banned in Europe. It’s still legal in the U.S. for non-organic meat, but public opinion is swinging against it. Savvy consumers are demanding meat that is free of artificially introduced hormones.

Healthy Meat Tastes Better

Meat from livestock that was raised in more natural conditions is not only better for individual and public health, but it tastes better as well. Consumers who are aware of the dangers of antibiotics and hormones in meat are actively seeking out restaurants that serve all-natural meat. These consumers place a high priority on making wise choices in what they eat. They are willing to pay more for all-natural meats and are flocking to restaurants that provide what they are looking for.

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